“Messi is already learning French”: In Paris they already dream of the arrival of the star at PSG | The State

Although the current situation in the field of football looks more complicated than ever, the big clubs are brutally affected by the crisis and it seems that the scandalous contract movements already belong to another era … for everyone, except for PSG.

In Paris, despite the serious situation, not only the team from the capital but the entire Ligue 1, they keep dreaming about sign the most expensive player in the world, Leo Messi, whose current contract with Barcelona is for about $ 100 million per year and whose claims are not going to drop too low if you decide to change teams.

Leonardo, the sports director of the entity and Mauricio Pochettino, your new coach, have made public their interest in having the greatest figure in world football and it seems that the Argentine is also taking it seriously.

After the statements of these PSG members, the Canal + journalist Geoffroy Garétier told the television network that “Messi and all his family, his wife and children are taking French classes “, he pointed.“Why is he going to learn French if he is going to sign for Manchester City? Has no sense. This information, in which I am very confident, is a very reliable source “Garétier added.

Will it be a key piece to decipher the enigma about the future of the Argentine star of Barcelona?


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