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The bronx is the most socioeconomically disadvantaged county in the entire New York CityTherefore, education has become the best tool to forge the prosperity of its residents.

In this area, the Bronx Charter School for the Arts, for almost two decades it has been playing a crucial role in the advancement of the residents of Hunts point and Soundview, two neighborhoods in the Bronx predominantly made up of working-class families.

You don’t have to be an artist to attend Bronx Charter School for the Arts (Bronx Arts), it is a public elementary and middle school founded on the principle that a rich and vibrant background in the arts is a key catalyst for academic and social success. of all students.

The rigorous curriculum encourages students to be creative as they expand their critical thinking skills.

Currently the school serves 315 students, of which 67% are Latino, 28% are African American, and 5% are of mixed ethnic origin. Almost 60% of the students live in the Hunts Point area. Bronx Charter School for the Arts students with disabilities make up nearly 19% of our population, while more than 15% of its students are English Language Learners.

“We strive to serve as a role model that fosters creativity and innovation in the classroom and inspires students to develop the intellectual and personal strength to realize their dreams. Bronx Arts is in its nineteenth year of operation serving students in the Hunts Point and Soundview areas of the Bronx. ”

The school focuses on stimulating the highest levels of critical, analytical and creative thinking, in-depth knowledge of content in all subject areas, excellent communication and self-expression skills, and a strong sense of possibility and aspiration for achievement.

Access to opportunities

The Bronx Charter School for the Arts strongly believes that all students deserve the opportunity to demonstrate excellence and that all children can and will succeed when provided with optimal support and guidance.

Its Inclusion Program provides students with special needs the opportunity to be educated in a general education setting with supplemental support, and the school’s commitment to meeting the instructional needs of all students is supported by a reduced size of classes and a school day thirty minutes longer than most schools.

Engaged and inspired students

The Bronx Arts has qualified educators, who value the individual art of students.

Students receive daily instruction in theater, dance, music, and visual arts, and lessons in these subjects are integrated into the academic curriculum. The Bronx Charter School for the Arts strives to serve as a model that fosters creativity and innovation in the classroom and inspires students to develop the intellectual and personal strength to realize their dreams.

“We believe that access to artistic expression has the power to transform lives, and at Bronx Arts Elementary, it is a priority that all students have that opportunity. Our responsive classrooms ensure that students are engaged and supported through social-emotional learning and meaningful relationships. The rigorous, engaging and relevant curriculum encourages students to be creative and collaborative as they expand their critical thinking skills to immerse themselves in discovering new ideas, ”the school highlights on its website.

School of Distinction ’

The Bronx Arts Elementary, in grades K-5, was founded in 2002, has worked hard and succeeded in improving student achievement, gaining the trust of students, parents, and the community for its accomplishments. Its educational model focuses on creating a warm and welcoming environment with excellent instruction to prepare students for middle school.

  • It consistently outperforms the district, city, and New York state averages on New York State tests.
  • One of the highest performing elementary schools in District 8 for two consecutive years.
  • Named a “Reward School” by the New York State Department of Education. Less than 1% of the state’s public schools earn this honor.
  • Nationally recognized by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as a “School of Distinction.”

Middle school

Recognizing the success of Bronx Arts in improving the achievement of elementary school students, in 2017 the New York State Board of Regents approved an expansion to a middle school.

The Bronx Arts Middle School, which began operations in 2018, strives to prepare its students for the future. His visionary mentors created an environment for success by supporting the holistic needs of his students and placed a strong emphasis on social-emotional learning while challenging students to realize their potential through a rigorous and relevant curriculum.

“We are not a school with a good arts program, we are an arts school,” boasts one of its prominent teachers. The Bronx Arts attracts highly qualified educators, who value individual art, to surround students with a diverse and dynamic staff who inspire and radiate encouragement.

Interpretation is a norm at Bronx Arts, providing the space for collaboration among students, partnerships with local artists and institutions, and the opportunity to participate in the artist process.

Bronx Arts Middle School serves students in grades 6-8. Located in the Soundview neighborhood of the Bronx, the school has an educational model that encourages progression of practice to allow students to develop their skills and knowledge in a chosen art discipline to a level of proficiency or mastery.


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