An ambush to kill his own father

A Montrealer accused of murdering his father before dumping the body in a wooded area is said to have carefully planned his move, only to then bait his victim under false pretext and kill him with 32 stab wounds.

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“The victim mistakenly believed to be in contact with her son and to be of service to him when the latter had rather planned his death”, explained the Crown prosecutor Me Claudine Charest, at the opening of the trial of Jérémie Fortier-Grenier, this Tuesday at the Montreal courthouse.

Fortier-Grenier, 26, is charged with the premeditated murder of his father Richard Grenier in May 2018, as well as insulting his body. At the time, the two men had not spoken to each other for a year.

“Kill someone”

However, a few weeks before the tragedy, Fortier-Grenier had reconnected with his father. And during one of the conversations, the accused allegedly mentioned needing help getting boots from his place of work in Ville-Saint-Laurent.

“He hadn’t worked there for over a month, and no personal belongings were left behind,” the Crown said, however.

At the same time, the alleged killer is said to have searched the internet, using keywords such as “how to cut someone’s throat”, “kill someone” and “bury someone”.

Mr. Grenier, who was completely ignorant of his son’s alleged plan, then went to meet him, not suspecting that he would then be violently murdered with 32 stab wounds.

According to a forensic pathologist who is expected to come and testify at the trial, the victim had numerous defensive wounds, suggesting that she tried to protect herself from the blows of her assailant.

Security guard

But if Fortier-Grenier believed he could act with complete discretion, since he was in an industrial district, it was without counting on the presence of a security guard who found the behavior of the accused suspicious.

This agent reportedly saw Fortier-Grenier take “a heavy object” out of the safe, only to see it come out of a nearby woodland. Suspicious, the officer allegedly followed the accused to note the vehicle’s license plate number.

“At dawn, the officer discovered the victim’s body [dans le boisé], hidden under a carpet and rocks, explained Me Charest. In a state of shock, he will dial 911. “

Covered in blood

Quickly, the police arrived on the scene. And thanks to investigative techniques, suspicion turned to Fortier-Grenier, who had visited his father’s cottage near Mont-Laurier.

However, what the latter did not know, is that his mother and his girlfriend were already there, in order to surprise him. Fortier-Grenier was then covered in the victim’s blood, but he allegedly claimed that it was the vomit of a mentally ill uncle.

The two women never suspected that the accused could have killed his father, since Fortier-Grenier allegedly led them to believe that the latter had been killed in a war a year earlier. He then claimed to have inherited the car and the chalet.

“The accused then cleaned the car and erased the contents of his father’s cell phone,” said the Crown.

The trial, chaired by Judge Claude Champagne, is scheduled to last several weeks. Fortier-Grenier, who has pleaded not guilty, is represented by Messrs Martin Latour and Sabrina Lapolla. It is not yet clear whether he will present a defense.

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