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In the body, protein play a key factor for certain functions can be fulfilled in a way optimal. In fact, you are molecules they are formed by amino acids linked by bonds known as peptides, as Bioguía points out.

Proteins are found in virtually all cells of the body and play a fundamental role in all processes that run in the organism. In fact, they are important to the process of increase and keep the fabrics, among others.

But one of the essential tasks is that it contributes to the transport of the oxygen and carbon dioxide through the blood. So what if there is a deficiency protein in the body?

1. Nail and skin problems

Protein deficiency can lead to nail problems, as cracking or even change Colour. Also, some trademarks are seen below them.

In the case of hair, it can also look like weak and brittle. What’s more, you may start to fall down unexpectedly. Something similar happens with skin, which is becoming parched and weak.

2. Lack of muscle mass

One of the serious problems caused by lack of protein due to a bad feeding is that the body ends up exhausting all Bookings that are stored in the muscles.

What’s more, eating more protein is thought to help reduce degeneration muscular which is related to age.

3. Consume more calories

When we eat little protein, the body tries make up for it on the other hand, and one way to do it is by increasing the consumption of calories, through others foods that contain it.

Although the calories increasedoes not mean that we are feeding us good. It is the opposite, and it can bring health problems.

4. Fat accumulation in the liver

As time passes, the cells of the liver they are accumulating grease. This will result in serious problems, because it can flare up or be damaged, thus producing a liver failure.

This disease is related, in some way, to lack protein. So it is necessary consume proteins with more frequency.

A deficit in protein consumption can lead to serious health problems. Source: Pixabay

5. Problems with the immune system

When the body is lacking protein, the immune system is compromised, as it can result in a hurt serious if the quantity necessary of this nutrient.

So, it may be easier to get sick frequently, and have complications for any kind of infection.

6. Swelling of the skin

Also known as edema. Although it is harmless, in other situations it can indicate health problems. Edema is thought to occur due to low levels of albumin, which is a type of protein.

7. Increased risk of fractures

Although we do not always associate proteins with our osseous system, the truth is that if we have protein deficiency, we could suffer from fractures or fissures.

That is why it is important to have a healthy diet and balanced, with the amount of necessary proteins that our body needs to.

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