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Win $ 815,000 in the lottery because your mother found the ticket inside the refrigerator! | The State

A young man from Murray Bridge, Australia, was the surprise of his life to discover that he had been the winner of about $ 815,000 in the lottery, and all thanks to the “incredible” discovery made by his mother.

According to RT, the lucky winner, who preferred to remain anonymous, had bought the lottery ticket days ago, but forgot it completely.

Recently, her mother was listening to the radio and there she learned that someone had won the lottery but no one had claimed the prize. The woman remembered that her son had put a lottery ticket on the refrigerator door, which he took and upon reviewing the results, he discovered that this clueless was his offspring.

“I was very surprised when she showed it to me, but I think she was more anxious than I was,” said the winner.


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