Let it snow: rare footage of the UK’s snowy winter

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This winter in Great Britain was really snowy. If earlier it was possible to make a snowman in January only in the Scottish highlands, now it can be done by residents of England and Wales. What did they actually do this weekend!

Photo: Natasha Gill

Photo: Oksana Volosina

Due to heavy snowfalls, locals had to temporarily close several vaccination centers, and the police once again reminded people that leaving their homes is only allowed in case of emergency, writes the BBC. But playing snowballs in your yard is not forbidden, police officers from London Borough Wandsworth reminded.

Photo: Jelena Putjankina

Photo: Jelena Putjankina

Even if the snow caught our smaller brothers by surprise, they tried not to show it!

Photo: Olga Lova

Photo: Valentina Ross

Photo: Lera Lera

But roses, it seems, had a hard time …

Photo: Irina Kendix

Photo: Anatolii Nazarov

Photo: Kseniya Dyakova

Someone set out to make the world’s largest snowman …

… and someone decided to temper! Inhale deep, arms wider, do not rush, three or four!

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