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Cardi B's strange red dress left her flossing in the street!

Cardi B.

Mike Coppola. / Getty Images

The singer of Dominican origin, Cardi B, again attracted attention and set the eyes of the world on her. The reason, to go out on the street with a dress that although very strange was quite sexy. According to the rapper herself, it is inspired by Dragon ball, the cartoon. The design was in charge of Pierre- Louis Uvray.

On the outside, the suit outlined his figure, but when he turned his back, the tiny dental floss that his wife was wearing could be seen. Offset, since the fabric of the dress in addition to being intense red was Transparent !. At his side as always was he, who is used to the infamous curves of his wife and who always decides on more casual outfits when accompanying the singer.

There’s no doubt Cardi B She is a fashion fanatic who knows how to choose her pieces to attract attention, even if they are rejected by many. She is a master in the art of making noise on social networks and that, together with her great talent, particular personality and good sense of humor is a mix that ensures the success of the singer most of the time.

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