Basketball: dogs to detect COVID-19

The Miami Heat plan to use dogs to foil COVID-19 and welcome fans to the AmericanAirlines Arena.

That’s what the team announced in a letter sent to season ticket holders on Sunday.

This week, the NBA team will be posting dogs that are able to detect the virus by sniffing at the doorways of their home. In the past few weeks, the Heat have given some conclusive tries in their games where the club have invited friends and family of their players and staff.

“Come to think of it, sniffer dogs aren’t new,” said team vice president Matthew Jafarian. They can be seen in airports, they are also used for critical missions by the police and the army. We have used them in our arena for years to detect the presence of explosives. “

It’s Thursday night, when the Heat host the Los Angeles Clippers, that fans can see their first matchup at AmericanAirlines Arena in 2020-21.

Initially, only 2000 people will be admitted. Typically, the Florida formation’s home can accommodate up to 21,000 individuals.

In addition to the dogs, the Heat will pass a compulsory medical questionnaire to its amateurs. The mask should also be worn at all times.

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