Adamari López’s daughter, Alaïa, touches social networks with a video with her grandmother | The State

The spoiled little girl of the Hispanic world, Alaïa Costa, daughter of “Shorty” of Telemundo and the spanish dancer Toni Costa, He captivated his mommy’s fans and the very ones that she has generated at her young age. On the account of Instagram of the little girl it was evidenced the beautiful way she has to wake up her “Yaya” that is, his grandmother, the mother of Toni.

We have always seen the driver of A new day, Adamari Lopez, giving his five-year-old daughter lots of love and this is surely the reason why Alaïa She is a loving girl with all who see her. If granny is at home, then these will be her good morning and the little girl of the house will take care of that.

There’s no doubt Alaïa Costa He is quite a mini influencer who surprises with his witticisms, falls in love with his clear eyes and softens the hearts of thousands. Here we leave you the moving video so that you also melt with love.

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