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Sony's PS5 console is back in major stores in America

Some PS5 consoles have been offered online by hoarders for more than $ 1,000.


This is good news if you are a fan of video game since the console PS5 new generation of Sony has returned to the major retail chains in the United States.

Best buy, GameStop, Amazon and Walmart are offering a new console stock Sony since the company launched a new replenishment of the PS5.

Several customers have complained on social media about how quickly the stock is disappearing again and about problems ordering it on retailer websites.

If this is your case, you will have to wait a bit to order the console, although it is the most normal after the PS5 has been sold out in some places since November.

Since the first orders for the PS5 went live in September 2020, it has been almost impossible to get it. However, it seems that during 2021 nothing will change. During the first two weeks of the year no sales of the PS5 were recorded as retailers sold out before Christmas.

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Almost all major retailers have put it up for sale again new stocks of the PS5 Besides the Xbox series xHowever, you will have to hurry to acquire a team before they run out again.

These are some of the links so that you can verify the existence of the console in stores:

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