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Sometimes you are very clear about what to do, however you cannot get others to see the advantages of your idea. You can impose your criteria, but it will not do any good, because for a company to function, the team’s adherence to the company’s objectives, the cohesion among its members and the motivation to continue in the race until reaching the proposed goals is needed.

Every leader can exercise power over his workers because he has a position of hierarchy, an authority that empowers him to give orders and demand what he wants. But restricting people’s freedom, manipulating, blackmailing, coercing them … only leads to negative results in the medium and long term.

It is possible that at first it is possible to impose one’s own will, but all influence on others will be lost, hostility will grow, distrust will be born and detachment towards the company will nest and, with it, low productivity and stagnation.

For all the members of the company to be convinced that they are an important part of a team and cooperate for the common good, it is necessary …

Explain the “what” and “why”. To persuade others without authoritarianism, it is necessary for people to understand not so much what is being proposed to them, but why it is necessary. When a Leader is able to talk about why it is necessary to address a change, a new project, a modification in procedures, workers perceive that it is not an imposition, but that they are the ones who want to do what is necessary and that they really want to make an effort to improve.

Show that people come first. It is necessary to speak not only of economy, but also of values ​​and feelings. The most important thing is to allow everyone to express their concerns, listen actively and seek solutions to maintain the environment of flexibility and well-being that should govern the company.

Work harder than anyone. Lead it involves carrying the weight of the load. This means that we cannot distribute tasks and that’s it, but we will have to be prepared to work hard. It is logical: if you have started a project, you should be the one who knows the most about it; so that you will have to inform, organize, lead, justify, present previous experiences, analyze … There is no reason to overwhelm with data and long meetings, but to convene the teams often both in groups and one-on-one, so they can communicate concerns and doubts, so that everyone participates and contributes ideas, new points of view and solutions.

Have good control of emotions. Nontax leadership often clashes with people, be they bosses or collaborators. Having good control of emotions means knowing how to manage common situations in companies, where risk is always present and continuity at stake. Emotional management is the key to convincing.

To be honest. No one becomes a true leader overnight. There are individuals who have great charisma, but good leadership is earned every day with honesty, respect for others, ethical integrity, humility … These are the requirements that really convince.

There are leaders who do not need to give orders. Generally, they are those who speak in the plural and who only use the singular to recognize their own mistakes. They know, as Victor Hugo used to say, that there is “nothing so stupid as winning. The true glory is in convincing ».


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