Twitter suspends Antifa accounts, linked to violent protests after Biden’s inauguration | The State

The protest of the Antifa members in Ohio reached the State Capitol in Columbus after the inauguration of Joe Biden.

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Twitter suspended several accounts linked to the movement Antifa that combined gathered more than 71,000 followers, after protests led by several of its members shortly after the president’s inauguration Joe biden and the vice president Kamala harris.

The New York Post report this Friday indicates that at least four accounts linked to the militant group appear deactivated.

The report mentions the following: @JewishWorker, @RevAbolition, @RevAbolitionNYC, and @TheBaseBK. The Base, in Brooklyn, New York, is an anarchist political center in the Bushwick neighborhood.

The existence of these profiles, which now appear as “suspended” for violating the rules of the social network, dates back to 2012.

Thunder from California for suspension

Members of Antifa Sacramento thundered against the suspension of the account of The Base by the same social network.

“Our comrades with The Base (@TheBasebk), a 9-year-old anarchist social hub in Brooklyn, NY now take this Twitter thing seriously. Reaching a platform of 17,000 followers they push a very specific line where politics has never been blurred. Today, Twitter lowered its account and now there is a void, ”the group shared on Twitter Thursday.

Violent demonstrations in several states after inauguration

The far-left group is linked to vandalism reported in several US states after the inauguration of the president on Wednesday.

In Portland, Oregon, protesters broke the glass windows of the Democratic Party headquarters and painted the structure with messages against the new president and his Administration.

Meanwhile in Denver, Colorado; and in Columbus, Ohio, supporters of the movement burned American flags outside the state capitols.


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