The “Christian” Model from “OnlyFans” Who Earns Up to $ 200,000 a Month Posing in Lingerie | The State

The “Christian” model from “OnlyFans” who makes up to $ 200,000 a month posing in lingerie

In countries like Venezuela, the OnlyFans platform is the salvation for some models in economic crisis.

Christian Fernández / AFP / Getty Images

Under the argument that her religion does not interfere with her career, a model who describes herself as “Christian” is exposed scantily clad in OnlyFans, where per month it generates up to $ 200,000 dollars.

Lindsay capuano, 22, from Connecticut, told the Daily Mail: “God will always love you no matter what – that’s what I was taught at home, at school and at church.”

“I pray every night. I pray for whatever I feel I should pray for that day. I pray for my family, my followers and for me, “added the American.

Additionally, Capuano told the Daily Star, another British outlet, that despite having been raised under the Christian faith, her parents support her exposure on the subscription content service.

“My parents support me regardless of what I decide to do. They have always been that way. They are so proud of me, we celebrate every time it reached a million more followers on Instagram, ”stated the lingerie model.

“I am blessed to have the family that I have. I know many parents who are not as understanding as mine, so I consider myself very lucky, “he added.

The model has generated up to $ 200,000 dollars in a month for the content she shares on the platform, while keeping her Instagram account active with more than two million followers.

Some fans of the young woman tip her between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 a day.

Before exposing her body to OnlyFans, Capuano worked in a childcare center.

“I liked work and I really enjoyed working with children,” Capuano was quoted as saying by The Blaze.

“But when things started to take off last summer on Instagram and Snapchat, it didn’t make sense to go back,” he added.


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