RHOD’s D’Andra Simmons Reveals Whether She’d Take A Phone Call From LeeAnne Locken After Friendship Fallout

‘RHOD’s D’Andra Simmons had a major friendship fallout with former cast mate LeeAnne Locken and she’s revealing how she feels about a reconciliation.

The Real Housewives of Dallas’ D’Andra Simmons, 51, and former co-star LeeAnne Locken, 53, had a lot of beef both on and off camera during season 4. But over a year later, is D’Andra open to answering a phone call from her former pal? “Probably not,” the Hard Night Good Morning beauty and Ultimate Living founder told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY during an episode of TVTalk on Instagram Live on Jan. 18. “I want to be honest because I am honest. I think that that ship has sailed,” she confessed.

D’Andra and LeeAnne were longtime pals before joining the cast in season 2 and 1 respectively. But things got messy when D’Andra questioned her former pal’s now husband, Rich Emberlin’s, faithfulness to LeeAnne. D’Andra apologized, but that wasn’t enough for LeeAnne to forgive her! D’Andra was excluded from LeeAnne’s wedding festivities, even though her co-stars urged her to accept it and move on.

The two then took it to social media where they continued to throw shade at one another and D’Andra is still having trouble moving past things. “For me, the reason is because of the persecution I endured on social media for 3 years,” D’Andra added. “And what I went through, there’s just no going back from that because a lot of the false narrative put out there about me really hurt me and it was very stressful. So that’s why.”

The Dallas based CEO can move past things, but she’s having trouble forgetting the feelings she has surrounding the situation. “It’s not that I can’t forgive,” D’Andra said. “I’m a Christian and the bible says to forgive. I can forgive her, but you also can’t be stupid and go back and put yourself in a situation where somebody can hurt you again.”

(Courtesy of D’Andra Simmons)

Despite her feelings on the future of their friendship, D’Andra respects the legacy that the Dallas OG brought to the table. “You never want to devalue what LeeAnne brought to the franchise,” D’Andra revealed. “She started from the beginning. She brought a lot to the franchise. She helped build this franchise. Her contributions can never be questioned because she gave a lot for 4 years.”

The Real Housewives of Dallas airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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