Recall of disinfectants used in Quebec schools

Health Canada and the company Atoms F.D Inc. recalled on Friday “anti-microbe” disinfectants that have been distributed in several Quebec schools and that could present risks to the health of children.

The recalled disinfectants have the identification number (DIN) 02248351 and are present as different product and company names.

The affected products include the anti-microbe disinfectant from Atoms F.D Inc .; BOD Group’s anti-microbe disinfectant 32; Essence 360 ​​anti-microbe disinfectant; Nutra One anti-microbe disinfectant; Paoch anti-microbe disinfectant; Bio-Expert anti-microbe products; Trilux Antimicrobial Disinfectant and Yunisan Handzo Disinfectant from Arclay Natural Technologies Inc.

These disinfectants “contain a concentration of benzalkonium chloride greater than the limit permitted for personal or domestic use (at home) and may present health risks, in particular to children 12 years of age and under”, thus clarified by Health Canada press release.

While the maximum concentration of benzalkonium chloride in household disinfectants should be 0.15%, the reported products contain almost 0.3% which is normally reserved for industrial use.

However, this information does not appear on the labels of products that have been sold to the general public in Ontario and Quebec, the ministry said.

Repeated use of these types of disinfectants can cause redness, itching, dryness of the skin, and even allergic reactions.

Anyone who has any of these products is encouraged to return it to their pharmacy for proper disposal.

“Health Canada has asked the licensee, Atoms FD Inc., to withdraw the affected products from the market and correct the labeling problem so that the statements’ For industrial use only ‘and’ Keep out of the children’s reach ”are clearly marked on the label,” the ministry concluded.

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