With photos from the hospital, Patty López de la Cerda revealed the diseases she suffers | The State

Since early 2021 Patty López de la Cerda She has been in the hospital, but yesterday she finally revealed to her fans that she suffers from two neurological diseases that have brought her to the point of collapse.

The sports host used her Instagram account to publicize everything she has experienced in these 20 days, since she was diagnosed with epilepsy and dysautonomia (dysfunction of the nerves that regulate functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, among others).

I have episodes where out of nowhere I stop speaking well and I have no energy except for the essential things. Knowing that from one day to the next this is going to be part of my life forever.

“But I am encouraged because I know I will be fine. Thank God epilepsy and dysautonomia can be controlled with medicines so, within all possibilities, I am infinitely grateful that they have found these two things that I have, ”he explained.

The voluptuous added that yesterday she had a very complicated morning, because she could not speak and felt very vulnerable.


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