Unbridled violence: video caught shooting in broad daylight in Brooklyn | The State

Unbridled violence: video caught shooting in broad light in Brooklyn

NYPD denounces crime spike


Two gunmen fired at a man who was sitting in his car during an attack in broad daylight captured on video in Brooklyn (NYC).

The 39-year-old unidentified victim was inside her car on Sheffield Avenue near Riverdale Avenue in New Lots, around 1:30 p.m. Monday when the two thugs approached, police said.

The surveillance video posted by New York Post, show the couple casually walking in the middle of the street and then speeding up and opening fire as they got closer to their target.

One of the attackers briefly fell to the ground after firing and then ran off along with the other gunman.

The victim, who was shot several times, was rushed to a local hospital where their life was saved, police said. It was not immediately clear the motive for the shooting or whether those involved knew each other.

Gun violence doesn’t seem to be abating in NYC, after shootings doubled last year, amid high impunity: 88% of those arrested on charges of weapons that year were back on the streets and 70% of the cases remained unsolved.


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