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Everyone when starting a diet we focus on monitor nutrient intake, in such a way that without realizing we tend to focus much more on what we eat and we forgot the drinks. Even though in the last years we’ve heard endlessly about the great benefits of green juices and smoothies, especially for detoxify the body and lose weight.

The truth is drinks They are a fundamental complement in all healthy nutrition and balanced, the right selection stimulates weight loss and they are an element that can positively intervene in health. considering the high consumption of sugary drinks, in U.S: it is estimated that approximately 50% of the US population consumes sugary drinks in their day to day, and around the 10% of young people consume three drinks or more. Teens drink more sugary drinks than other age groups and men consume more calories of the sugary drinks that the women. It is worth paying special attention.

Although there are drinks that stand out for their therapeutic power, there are some daily consumption habits what could affect health and shorten life expectancy. Take note!

1. Drink four or more cups of coffee a day

The coffee lovers tend to exceed and is that not only is stimulating, delicious and aromatic, is highly addictive. While it is true that there thousands of studies that support the medicinal benefits of daily consumption, in excessive quantities coffee can cause serious bodily harm. According to information published in The Journal, Mayo Clinic researchers found that those who drank more than 28 cups of coffee a week they had a 21% increased risk of dying prematurely, and the men faced a 50% higher risk than women. This amount adds up to at least 4 cups of coffee a day. In such a way that as in everything it is recommended to be very cautious, try to consume no more than three cups and avoid sweetening it or adding dairyyes, this is how you will actually get your goodness.

Why drinking coffee makes you happier according to science
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2. Regular and excessive alcohol consumption

We have all heard repeatedly about dangerous effects of consuming alcohol daily and in excess, science supports that it is a habit that is associated with serious damage to the outlet. According A study, anyone who takes 18 or more drinks in a week must expect that your life is significantly shortened. While there is no reason why alcoholic beverages should be consumed daily, no one should drink more than 14 drinks in a week, whether shots or pints of beer. As if that were not enough, there is another study that was posted on CNN, that found that even seven drinks a week could significantly shorten the quality of life.

drink alcohol
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3. Drink a daily soda

In the last months everyone talks about the devastating effects of high consumption of added sugarsNot only do they ruin any diet, they are pure poison when consumed too much and in the form of drinks. According to him New York Times, a study found that a daily soda leads to an increase in 7% risk of death, which makes soft drinks a very powerful and deadly drink. However, do not think that the fact not have a daily soda will set you freeAccording to a study carried out by the Cleveland Clinic, the occasional consumption of regular and diet sodas leads to a increased risk of death.

coca cola soda soda
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4. Drink juice every day

We have all at some point considered juices as an alternative much healthier to soft drinks, however when we talk about variants of industrial and processed juices, they are the opposite. These drinks that abound in every corner store contain too much sugar, they are highly caloric and nil in nutrients. Although natural juices are rich in vitamins and mineralsThey also contain sugar, so it is always important to monitor their consumption. Drink more than 8 ounces of juice a day can significantly increase the chances of obesity and coronary heart disease, health conditions that lead to higher probability of mortality up to 42%. According A study, a glass of juice daily can lead to a lifestyle with a high consumption of sugars.

juice diet
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5. Drink three glasses of milk a day

Clear milk is considered a complete, nutritious food and healthy, it is refreshing and very rich in protein. However, if you usually consume it in excess, could deteriorate your health and life expectancy. Just as you suggest this article, in which it is confirmed that a higher level of milk consumption results in a significant increase in death. In such a way that it is estimated, or following: three glasses of milk a day increase by 10% probability of death in men, and the 44% of women have a higher chance of getting cancer if they drink three or more glasses of milk a day. In addition, there is information revealed by Cleveland Clinic, in which it is confirmed that drink three or more glasses a day Not only decreases life expectancy, can deteriorate bones Believe it or not!

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