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The nation as seen by Joe Biden without Donald Trump in the way

President Joe Biden echoed for America’s unity.

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There are many expectations and hopes about the future of the nation, that fall on the shoulders of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris after his possession on January 20.

But much of that future and democracy depend on the wisdom of Congress in Washington DC, and bipartisan agreements in this new Congress of the Nation.

The moving ceremony of inauguration of the command of the Democratic government, with the promise of reconciliation and a future for all, allows to believe that it arrivedor time to turn the page without hammering on the future of Donald Trump.

There are millions of people who, like immigrants, wait for proposals on immigration, the production or application of coronavirus vaccines, and recovery to be approved.on of the economy, so that we finally get to the post pandemic and thus return to being productive, to meet with friends, or lovers and family.

There is no longer time to look at the past, as the pandemic leaves almost 25 million infected and more than 400 thousand deaths in the country; That is why it seems to us that following Trump’s footprint would not be of great help and if it slows down the study of more important laws.

It is possible that given the way he was fired on Wednesday, Trump is the most interested in stirring up the hornet’s nest and that he hopes that the Senate will resume the discussion of his second impeachment to try to get away with it.

If the former president wins that bet, he could keep the more than 74 million voters active in the elections of the unfortunate, or unfortunate toñor 2020 and strengthen what they call the “trumpism“With a view to returning to the White House.

But Biden looks to the future and in his possession speechón recalled that he was elected to be president of all of us who live in this country, including immigrants and those who did not vote for him, on November 3.

And the challenge with which Biden starts his term is great. Due to the division of the nation, it will not be easy to convince the congressmen after the reñGeorgia’s first vote that leftor to the senate split into two camps with 50 Republicans and 50 demorcratas.

And with so much work on the ambitious government agenda, we dare to bet that the Senate will have to focus on the new laws to do well for the government, and incidentally, for all of us, postponing debates on Trump. In other words, the time has come to continue together and optimistic in a single nation as Biden said.

(The author – who uses a pseudonym – is a journalist based in New York)


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