The mayor of Louiseville concerned about the arrest of an armed anti-vaccine conspirator

Like all the citizens who learned of the news from our Bureau of Investigation which reported the arrest of an anti-vaccine conspirator armed to the teeth in Mauricie, the mayor of Louiseville was in shock on Friday.

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“I take him harshly as mayor of the city, but it can happen anywhere around us”, dropped Yvon Deshaies to the camera of TVA Nouvelles.

On January 9, a few hours before the curfew came into effect in the province, Martin Clermont, 45, was accused of threats against members of his family, possession of explosives and a loader. prohibited firearm. The Louiseville resident was also charged with possession of narcotics.

“I saw Mr. Clermont a few months ago. He had a little project to tell me, he was happy, very calm. I find that a shame, ”added Mayor Deshaies.

“I tell the people of Louiseville, it’s worrying, but don’t be worried. The Sûreté du Québec will take care of it, “said the elected official from Mauricie.

Yvon Deshaies wants Martin Clermont to be treated. “The man is sick, but we wonder what he could do to other people. Take care of it, it needs to be supervised. You shouldn’t leave him alone, that’s important, “he insists.

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