COVID-19: hospitals still overloaded in Montreal

Even if the situation seems to be improving in Montreal, especially in terms of the number of reported cases, the tension is still present in the hospitals of the metropolis where 696 patients are still hospitalized, including 112 in intensive care.

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A slight reduction of around 40 places since last week has not, however, relieved the pressure on hospitals. “The hospitals are still at full capacity,” said Sonia Bélanger of the CIUSSS of the Center-Sud de l’île de Montréal at a press briefing on Friday.

Even if the hospitalization projections published by INE are encouraging, but we must remain vigilant, she insisted. In addition, the public network is still weakened by the massive absence of staff: 1,000 health workers are absent from work due to COVID, awaiting a test result or on preventive leave.

“Montreal is still in a critical situation, we still have a few weeks to make efforts,” said Dr. Mylène Drouin, director of public health for Montreal.

Authorities also announced a beefy plan to control the pandemic among the homeless population. Thus, 397 homeless people were vaccinated against COVID, as well as 206 workers.

COVID has strongly shaken the socio-community environment: 274 cases of COVID have been reported since the beginning of December: 192 homeless have been affected as well as 82 workers.

More than 400 outbreaks have been reported in Montreal, 179 in workplaces and 148 in the health network.

Nearly 23 outbreaks have been reported in schools since their reopening.

These are small outbreaks, assured Dr. Drouin.

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