COVID-19 Hospitalizations Already Over 9,000 Across New York | The State

The blows of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic continue feeling with great force in New York, with a significant rise in hospitalizations of people infected with the virus that this Thursday exceeded 9,000, and of which at least 3,669 are people who are admitted to medical centers in the Big Apple and 1,645 in Long Island.

Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed Thursday that the sum of patients admitted to health centers across the state was exactly 9,055, and of them 1,560 were admitted to Intensive Care Units, and of that number, at least 1,011 were connected to an artificial respirator.

“COVID-19 continues to spread throughout the state, and the race on foot continues between our ability to rapidly distribute the vaccine, hampered only by low supply, and new strains and new cases of the virus,” Cuomo said.

The state president reported that last Wednesday the deaths from COVID-19 were 174, which increased the number Total deaths throughout New York to 33,594.

Of those deaths reported Wednesday, 21 occurred in Brooklyn, 20 in Queens, 7 in the Bronx and 5 in Manhattan.

Another alarming number that Cuomo revealed was that of new positive cases of coronavirus, which were 13,886 in the last 24 hours, while the The positivity rate at the state level was 6.18%.

And on the vaccine shortage, Cuomo emphasized: “Our vast network of distribution sites is ready, willing and able to get more vaccines to New Yorkers, faster; all we need is supply. Meanwhile, New Yorkers who are not yet eligible should stay tuned for measures to protection as this winter progresses, like washing hands, wearing masks and social distancing ”.

“The extent of the spread of the virus in communities is a reflection of our actions, and we can stop it. Our citizens have already been brave and resilient through the enormous hardships we have faced over the past year, saving countless lives. Now we have to get to the light at the end of the tunnel “, concluded the Governor.

Figures of COVID-19 in NY:

  • 174 dead on Wednesday.
  • 21 of those deaths were reported in Brooklyn, 20 in Queens, 7 in the Bronx and 5 in Manhattan.
  • 33,594 total deaths in the entire state.
  • 13,886 new cases Wednesday.
  • 6.18% positivity rate.
  • 9,055 hospitalized in total.
  • 1,560 of them in Intensive Care Units.


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