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Netflix surpasses 200 million subscribers worldwide

Netflix’s staggering growth was fueled by the pandemic.


Netflix surpassed 200 million subscribers by the end of 2020, according to a latest report. This achievement further establishes the company as the world’s largest subscription video streaming service of its kind.

Compared, Disney Plus, which has also been a great success, had 86.8 million subscribers in its first year. Disney’s Hulu service, which is almost as old as Netflix but operates in the US alone, has 38.8 million subscribers while HBO Max has only 12.6 million active accounts.

On Tuesday, Netflix said subscribers increased by 8.51 million between October and December to reach a total of 203.66 million, according to its report on the results of the fourth quarter. Analysts only expected an increase of 6 million subscribers, according to CNET.

As you can imagine, this amazing growth is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which caused many people to stay at home, who sought more entertainment options such as Netflix.

With virtually all of them in quarantine, Netflix was in an ideal position to continue offering new shows and movies to people who were ‘trapped’ at home.

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