Images are circulating showing Vicente Fernández touching the bosom of a fan | The State

It is not for less than Vicente Fernandez is in the public eye and is right in the center of criticism, to the extent that he was branded a “stalker”, after the dissemination of compromising material.

It turns out that images continue to circulate on social networks of Three supposed followers who were looking for a photo with the interpreter, in the postcards they look very comfortable sitting on a bench, they began to pose to save the memory and until then everything seemed normal.

The video that emerged on TikTok and that has gone viral on other platforms shows, for network users, alleged sexual harassment by Vicente. And it is that it is clearly perceived that he places his hand on one of the young woman’s breasts, while the other two participants in the photograph are not aware of what happened.

As expected, netizens condemned the action of the singer, who according to comments, presses on the girl’s chest and even accommodates her hand a couple more times.

So far it is unknown when and where the recording was captured, it might not be recent, however, this did not prevent the publication from causing anger in the networks.

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