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Gael García's father reported serious health | The State

Through a statement on social networks Bella de la Vega, wife of the actor’s father Gael garcia, reported on the serious state of her husband’s health and asked everyone for a prayer for his speedy recovery.

“I humbly ask for a collective prayer for the health and recovery of my beloved husband. Jose Angel Garcia Huerta who is waging a battle for his life against pulmonary fibrosis. ”, The actress also wrote on her Facebook profile.

Regarding the publication, De la Vega added what for her characterizes her 65-year-old husband: “God, Virgin of Guadalupe: help my husband to heal and continue to be the honest, fair and hardworking man that he has always been, with that joy, energy and good humor that make him a special being and the Master who teaches us many good things with his example. Amen ”, he finished.

For an interview with a morning magazine program he also gave more details about the causes of his hospitalization: “Unfortunately he is going through a very difficult time in his health. Pulmonary fibrosis seems to be winning the battle due to the fact that right now his lungs are very weak and we are going through a very difficult time ”, revealed Bella.

In addition, he denied that Gael’s father, who has not made any pronunciation about it, is infected with Covid-19 as had been speculated on social networks.

“No, it is not because of covid-19, it was because of having lived with a partner who was a smoker and he was a passive smoker, that is the situation,” he explained.

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