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Biden Strengthens the Battle Against Coronavirus With 10 Executive Orders | The State

On the president’s priority list Joe biden, the coronavirus is placed in first position, therefore, the Democrat will implement the National Strategy for the Response to COVID-19, plus a guide to start getting back to normal.

To do this, the Democrat will sign 10 executive orders –in addition to your 100-day plan to wear a mask in public spaces– and other guidelines focused on expanding testing, better vaccine administration, serving the most affected groups, such as Latinos and African Americans, as well as the strategy to reopen schools and businesses.

On the provision of vaccines, in a conference call officers of the new administration said they will wait for Congress to allocate more funds to expand coverage. They recognized that at the moment it is insufficient. Nor do they know the critical path on the implementation of that measure.

The new government also does not know what is the projection in the production of vaccines, in response to a question from journalists about the immunization of Pfizer and Modern

On a possible reorientation of the vaccine plan, to focus on the racial and ethnic groups most affected, the Biden Administration indicated that they will follow the guidelines of the experts.

The Biden Administration’s priority is to provide sufficient equipment and supplies to clinics and hospitals, but that this happens in an equitable way throughout the country.

“To ensure these critical supplies reach American communities equitably, especially communities of color and other underserved communities.”, indicates the plan.

Requests to speed up the production of equipment, including N95 masks, isolation gowns, nitrile gloves, PCR sample collection swabs, test reagents, pipette tips, laboratory analysis machines for PCR tests, foam swabs. high absorbency, rapid test kits, among others.

It also directs the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) ensure that distribution of resources.

Another order will allow the increase of public health work capacity, to ensure the detection of coronavirus in schools, as well as in the most underserved communities.

An additional decision would complement the previous one, but with treatment with a special focus on people with disabilities, as well as treating patients who face consequences of COVID-19 and medicines for those who do not have medical coverage.

The Biden administration seeks to provide clearer and more reliable information about the pandemic in the country, including infections – which already almost reach 25 million – and deceased people, which already exceed 400,000.

The schools

The Departments of Education and Health and Human Services (HHS) will create new guidelines that provide “guidance on safe reopening and operation for schools, child care providers and institutions of higher education,” the advancement indicates.

The plan will be coordinated with state governments and local, as well as unions and school organizations. Its impact will consider “students from low-income families, students of color, English learners, students with disabilities,” it is limited.

An additional element is the request to the Federal Communications Commission to increase connectivity options for students who lack broadband in their homes, so that they can take classes remotely.


President Biden’s strategy also includes essential workers.

“Millions of Americans, many of whom are people of color, immigrants, and low-wage workers, continue to risk their lives to keep the country going during the pandemic.”, recognize.

His order asks the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to publish guidance for employers to help keep workers safe from exposure to COVID-19.

“The order instructs agencies to explore ways to protect workers who are not always covered by OSHA standards, such as those who are self-employed,” he says.

Another executive order seeks to improve travel guides, in addition to requiring a negative COVID-19 test for those entering the country. The measure will also release guidelines on land travel and plane transfers in the country.

Orders and guidelines

  • Manufacture and deliver supplies for vaccination, testing, and personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Reimburse states so they can deploy emergency personnel and supplies that Americans need
  • Establish the Pandemic Testing Board, Expand Testing, and Strengthen the Public Health Workforce
  • Strengthen access to treatment and clinical care for COVID-19 Improve data collection to face COVID-19
  • Take immediate action for vaccine distribution
  • Direct action to support students and reopen schools safely
  • Help protect workers
  • Promote safe travel
  • Improve health equity in the national response to COVID-19
  • Advance U.S. Global Leadership, Support Health and Humanitarian Response to COVID-19, and Protect Against Future Biological Threats


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