Bernie Sanders Defends His Attire at Joe Biden’s Inauguration | The State

Bernie Sanders defends his outfit at Joe Biden's inauguration

Bernie Sanders at Biden’s inauguration.


Senator Bernie Sanders was one of the most cited characters on social media during Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The legislator appeared at the ceremony dressed as if it were a normal winter day as the Biden, the Harrisons and other personalities designer suits were parading. Sanders appeared with the winter jacket that has been seen before and wool gloves.

The outfit unleashed the creators of memes on social networks. The Bernie figure was used for special montages.

Some even put a poncho on him with the Virgin of Guadalupe.

And they located him in the New York subway.

Sanders spoke of his clothing to CBS.

“In Vermont, we know something about the cold, and we are not so concerned with good fashion,” Sanders said. “We want to keep warm. And that’s what I did today. “

The truth is that “Uncle Bernie” brought additional joy to citizens on a special day in America.


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