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3 things you can deduct from taxes (and that you did not know)

Don’t forget to include everything you can deduct now that you are going to file your taxes.

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The deadline to file your taxes is approaching, and this means that you should be looking for anything you can deduct, and thus, pay less.

Therefore, below, we share three things that you did not know that you can deduce.

Job search expenses

If you were looking for a job, you probably spent a considerable amount of money to cover relocation agency fees or to send copies of your resume by mail to prospective employers. Fortunately, these expenses are tax deductible, although it does not apply if this is the first time you are looking for a job, as reported in Yahoo!

Self-employment expenses

Self-employed taxpayers do not fill out a Form W-4 and cannot take advantage of certain payroll deductions, but they can take advantage of many small business tax deductions.

For example, people who are self-employed, and who use their home as the basis of their business, can deduct your expenses for mortgage interest, rent, utilities and maintenance.

Weight loss program expenses

This does not mean that you can deduct the cost of each diet you have recently tried. Instead, this benefit is for people who have participated in a weight loss program to fight a specific disease that your doctor has diagnosed you.

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