In Washington, they will give FREE marijuana to those who get the vaccine against covid-19 | The State

In Washington, they will give FREE marijuana to those who get the vaccine against covid-19

They hope to give away 5 pounds of marijuana.

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The activist group in favor of cannabis, DC Marijuana Justice (DCMJ), plans to offer gift bags of marijuana to those who receive the covid-19 vaccine in the city of Washington.

“We are looking for ways to safely celebrate the end of the pandemic and we know that nothing brings people together like cannabis,” wrote DCMJ co-founder Nikoas Schiller.

The group plans to hand out bags of free marijuana at vaccination centers in Washington, DC, to commemorate what could hopefully be the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

To celebrate this momentous occasion and thank people for getting vaccinated, dozens of local DC growers will legally distribute free bags of cannabis outside of vaccination centers as soon as the general public can get vaccinated.. When sufficient numbers of adults are vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine, it will be time to celebrate, not only the end of the pandemic, but the beginning of the end of cannabis prohibition in the United States, ”said Schiller, of according to The New York Post.

The DC Department of Health has not yet released public vaccination locations, but DCMJ says it will release more details of its gift once those addresses and hours of operation have been made public.

Meanwhile, local growers have already pledged three pounds of cannabis to give away, and DCMJ hopes to have a total of five pounds for when they begin offering them to newly vaccinated members of the public.

Organizers plan to distribute cannabis loose, rather than pre-rolled joints, as handing out free joints can lead to people smoking them on the spot and thus breaking city law.

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