Elton John and Sting send an open letter to the British government

Musicians are asking to resolve the issue of visas for artists

The UK Ministry of Culture confirmed that after the end of the Brexit transition period, musicians and other artists must apply for separate visas to visit EU countries. Traveling on tour has become much more difficult and more expensive even for eminent musicians, experts say, not to mention novice artists.

Many are worried that the UK music industry will not be able to recover due to new visa regulations and coronavirus restrictions, writes the BBC. 110 musicians, including Elton John, Sting and Queen guitarist Brian May, sent an open letter to the British government. They are asking to resolve the issue of visas so that artists can freely move around the countries of the European Union.

In response to the letter, British Culture Minister Oliver Dowden promised to hold a roundtable with representatives of the music industry to discuss their concerns. The government said the musicians’ fears were justified. “We put forward a proposal that would allow us to tour Europe without any problems, but the EU leadership rejected it. The authors of the letter should address a similar question to the members of the Allian “– said a government spokesman.

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