Elderly woman is abandoned by her daughter in vacant lot | The State

A sad fact that was shared on Twitter went viral, which is starring an old woman, who was found in a vacant lot in the town of Papalotla, in the state of Tlaxcala, in Mexico, alone and without understanding what was happening.

Some residents of the place called the local police when they noticed that the old woman remained for several hours on the ground and in the open.

Upon arriving at the site, the elements discovered that the woman registered signs of hypothermia due to the low temperatures that are currently registered in this part of Mexico. When asked what she was doing in the lot, the old woman said that one of her daughters abandoned her there.

The reaction of repudiation before this act did not wait for the users, who cannot understand how someone can do something like this with one of their parents.

At the moment the identity of the old woman is unknown, although the authorities hope that another relative can recognize her.


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