Carolina Sandoval’s ‘intense perreo’ ‘all the way down’ made them call her ‘Vulgar’ | The State

Carolina Sandoval's ‘intense perreo’ ‘all the way down’ caused them to call her ‘Vulgar’

Carolina Sandoval.

Alberto E. Tamargo. / Getty Images

Carolina sandoval continues to be in the hurricane eye as for several months and especially after having left the show Telemundo, ‘Tell me what you know’. During it, he had to follow an editorial line, but outside of it he is his own creative production company and that is why he is not censored, nor does he deprive himself of doing what causes him.

Very relieved of grief, she went to the bathroom to clean the toilet. First wearing a bathrobe and without makeup and then and by ‘magic’ of the TikTok she transformed into a sexy woman, who was doing an ‘intense dog’ to the beat of the music and with which she came ‘all the way down’ as if it were the same Beyoncé. Which made the journalist’s flexibility evident.

Obviously and as expected, the retractors of the same surfaced their thoughts and left it in the comments section of the account of Instagram of ‘The Poisonous’. “Once he is with God and after a while this, what happens to him”, “What madness and immorality … ay ay ay”, “One thing is to be funny and another thing is to be vulgar almost in everything”, “Please Carolina don’t drag yourself you’re missing class, I assure you that your mommy doesn’t agree with this. Think about it, darling, it’s for you ” and “How vulgar .. What is that, how far did it go now, everything got out of control ……… I don’t know if she’s okay.”

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