Arrive at school wearing the mask from the day before

Students who must arrive with the mask worn the day before, others who receive a package for the whole week; the distribution of procedural masks to high school youth varies greatly from school to school.

“Are the schools doing anything, or have they been advised to do anything? Indignantly a mother from West Montreal.

Since Monday, high school students have to wear a procedural mask, considered better protection than the homemade face covering. Each establishment must provide two masks per day.


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However, logistics often fall to management. Instructions may therefore vary.

In some places, students are given a pack of masks for the whole week.

Elsewhere, distribution is done every day, either in the morning or at noon.

In other places, students are asked not to throw away the mask they wore in the afternoon so that they can put it back when they board the bus the next day while waiting to receive one. new.

“We suggest keeping the afternoon mask in a safe manner after each day, in order to wear it the next morning, when going to school,” says one in a note. sent to parents at a school in the west of the metropolis.

However, students must “wear a clean procedural mask when they start their day,” says Annie Bourassa of the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Service Center. She specifies that each school administration is responsible for logistics.

Even on the bus

“We will leave the schools to say at what precise moment to change their mask, but the idea is to cut the day in two”, explained the Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge on QUB Radio on Tuesday. .

“Even on the bus, on the way to school, you have to wear the procedural mask. […] It can be the brand new one that you unpack at home in the morning, or the one received Tuesday at the end of the day and that you have worn very little time, “said Mr. Roberge.

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