One in ten UK residents has antibodies to coronavirus

Highest rates recorded in Yorkshire and the Humber

One in ten people in the UK has antibodies to coronavirus, the BBC reports, citing data from the UK’s National Statistical Office (ONS). Virus and antibody testing was conducted in December 2020. It was attended by both people who had recovered and those who did not have visible symptoms of the disease.

In England, this figure is slightly higher – there are antibodies in every eighth (this is about 12% of the total population). In Wales, one in ten (10%), in Scotland, one in eleven (9%), in Northern Ireland, one in thirteen (8%).

The highest rates by region were recorded in Yorkshire and the Humber, where 17% of the population have antibodies. London is in second place (16%).

In October 2020, 2-7% of the UK population had antibodies. “The study shows that the infection is much more common in the UK than previously thought.”Says Professor Lawrence Young, virologist at Warwick School of Medicine.

The presence of antibodies in the blood of a person indicates that he has suffered viral pneumonia in one form or another and has developed protection against recurrence of the disease. Public Health England claims that on average, immune defenses last at least five months.

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