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The straight tequila shots, clean, are commonly served in a rocking horse. The name of horse as the tequila glass is called, has its origin in the 19th century, in the way of drinking tequila during the time of the landowners in Mexico.

According to the Academia Mexicana del Tequila, the landowners who had possession of agave lands supervised the work of the field by riding on horseback. They had two “gourds” with them, in one there was water and in the other tequila. When they drank their tequila they did not do it directly from the gourd as might be thought, they served it in a receptacle that they used to wear around their neck.

The “horse” was not made of glass

To drink the tequila in one fell swoop, the landowners they were served on a cut and hollowed bovine horn. When asked the reason for wearing the horn, they answered: “It’s for tequila on the little horse.” Hence it is that when the tequila glass cup is created, it is popularly named caballito.

The classic glass tequila shot glass is shaped like a cane, with a wider mouth and a thick transparent bottom; There are 1 and 2 ounces. The design of the caballito, used in homes, as in bars and canteens, is the traditional way of serving tequila for a drink.

Although there are several versions of tequila glasses, blown glass with a blue rim, and a Riedel’s tequila glass, the traditional caballito is still the favorite for the right tequila and if you wish, with a little salt and lemon.

Even if do you drink clean tequila it does not necessarily have to be in a wheelie, by its shape, a glass helps reduce the smell of alcohol, allows you to appreciate and enjoy more of the aroma of Mexican distillate, is excellent for tasting soft, aged and rested tequilas.

You also don’t have to drink your tequila in one gulp, too you can enjoy it in sips, just like a good whiskey.

To maximize flavor, tequila should be taken at room temperature. Although there are currently trends they include drinking cold tequila and even ice cream. If the tequila gets cold may lose some of its taste and odor characteristics, as Casa Sauza explains.

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