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Which fruit eaten daily can lower blood sugar levels, according to science

We are what we eat, nowadays following a natural and quality diet is the key in the prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases.

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Nowadays health is the most important issue, especially considering the increase in chronic diseases and degenerative. One of the problems that most afflicts the Modern society it’s diabetes, diabetes is a chronic illness in which the glucose levels (sugar) from the blood they are very high. And it is considered one of the main conditionss that significantly deteriorates the quality and life expectancy.

According data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 30 million adults are living with diabetes in the U.S and others 88 million are what are considered prediabetic patients. This type of condition is increasingly recurrent and occurs when you have higher than normal blood sugar levels, but still not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetic.

The doctors and specialists they emphasize that prediabetics may avoid diabetes with changes in diet and the lifestyle. The truth is that this last year we have lived a defining moment in health issues and it is well known that one of the complications most related to Covid-19 is suffer from diabetes and hypertension.

The good news is that they exist great candidates to facilitate the path to a change in habits, which help us to prevent and control the development of diabetes and pre-diabetes. Such is the specific case of the avocados, considered one of the super-foods most recommended to enhance health. ANDthey are full of vitamins, nutrients, and monounsaturated fatty acids healthy for the heart, therefore they are a magnificent ally of the cardiovascular health. At the same time avocados are incredibly satisfying and are associated with great qualities for promote weight loss. Have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and combat the effects of free radicals that are associated with the appearance of degenerative diseases. The best of all is that they are delicious and so modern What is it very easy to incorporate them into all meals, no doubt avocados are beneficial to all.

It has a recent study headed by the food science teacher and co-founder of SP Nutraceuticals, he Dr. Paul Spanguolo, who claims that the avocados They are a key food both for diabetics and prediabetics. Although it is worth mentioning that the list of nutritional and medicinal benefits of avocados is long, it has a recent discovery that positions them specifically as a promising ally for regulate blood sugar levels.

In principle, the content in avocatina B (AvoB), it is a bioactive that it is found naturally in avocados. And according to science can be an important dietary choice for diabetic and prediabetic. Much of its power lies in the way it the avocatina works in the body, this bioactive intervenes very positively to maintain a healthy metabolism, and is essential to promote the good balance in blood sugar, insulin levels and body weight in adults. While these are parameters too relevant to everyone’s health, they are crucial for diabetics and prediabetics. That is why when metabolism works of agile and correct way, the whole body is in balance and the blood sugar levels, good cholesterol and blood pressure, are the ideals.

What happens is that metabolism, Is the set of biochemical reactions and physicochemical processes that occur in the body and is a complex process. When it has become inefficient, glucose or fat is burned, one more than the other, causing the accumulation of any of them in the blood. Science tells us that sugar imbalances in the blood may have a deep and negative impact in our health. Beyond the obvious prediabetes and diabetes, they can affect energy levels, concentration, mood and much more. And of course in the specific case of diabetics, unbalanced blood sugar levels can cause even more serious health complications, as heart attacks and strokes.

There is also another reference that supports the therapeutic wonders of the avocatina B, the research, published in the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food Research. The results showed this exclusive compound of avocado, is capable of control weight gain and slow down, or even completely prevent in some cases, the development of metabolic diseasessuch as insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes.

Taking into account that today the more faithful long-term health tool, is to follow a quality and natural food; it is worth knowing what the best food-medicines that cannot be absent from the diet. What better than to integrate avocados! Not only will they be the best ally to balance blood sugar levelsand, may help mark one effective difference to prevent diabetes and stay incredibly healthy. They are also the perfect nutritional supplement to lose weight, take care of the heart, improve cognitive functioning and both physical and mental performance.


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