United States: He lived three months in hiding in an airport for fear of COVID-19

A Californian lived in hiding in a secure area of ​​Chicago International Airport for three months out of fear of COVID-19, before being arrested by police.

The 36-year-old was notably charged with felony trespassing in a restricted area of ​​an airport, the “Chicago Tribune” reported on Sunday.

Aditya Singh arrived from Los Angeles on October 19 and has not left the airport grounds. The 30-something was approached over the weekend by two United Airlines employees who were shown an identification badge.

The badge belonged to an operations manager who reported her missing on October 26.

Singh reportedly found the badge there and was afraid to return home due to COVID-19, Deputy Prosecutor Kathleen Hagerty said, as quoted by the newspaper.

The unemployed man with no criminal history lives in a roommate in the suburb of Orange, Los Angeles. Urged not to set foot at Chicago International Airport again, he was released on bail with a promise to return to court on January 27.

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