The FBI to reassure the military

In post published last week, I mentioned the presence of a significant number of conspirators, white supremacists and supporters of the extreme right within the various divisions of the American army.

Several US news sites confirmed this morning that National Defense officials are very concerned about the phenomenon. They are to the point of having asked the FBI to check the backgrounds and profiles of the 25,000 military personnel who are heading to the capital for the January 20 swearing-in.

There is nothing trivial about this news. As we prepare to welcome the 46e president of history, we want to make sure that an attack or an attempted assassination cannot be carried out by the soldiers themselves. Should we still remember that we are in the United States and not in a nascent democracy marked by instability and a succession of coups d’etat?

Joe Biden was offered the opportunity to take the oath inside rather than on the usual platform. Anxious to reassure, unite and give hope, the new president preferred to appear outside to respect tradition. Instead, we will sacrifice the walk to the White House and the many balls or festivities surrounding the swearing-in.

While the general public will not have access to the National Mall, more than a thousand dignitaries will still need to be kept safe. Among them are former presidents Clinton, Bush jr and Obama.

As the country goes through a particularly painful and turbulent period, the room for maneuver of security officials is zero. Even though several generals insisted this morning to stress that the FBI checks did not point in the direction of any threat, it is not reassuring that one feels the need to ensure that there are no traitors in the within the armed forces.

I would like to reiterate in closing that the current situation is reminiscent of September 11. Rarely since 2001 has the threat of terrorist infiltration received so much attention. This time, however, the spotlight is not on immigrants or their descendants, but on white supremacists and far-right factions.

If after September 11 we witnessed the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq, racial profiling as well as President Trump’s measures to curb immigration from countries of the Muslim faith, how will we act when the enemy it’s us”?

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