Snow in New York in a week, but the cold of the polar vertex intensifies | The State

The cold will intensify in the various states of the country.

ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Getty Images

New York and the tri-state zone could experience snowfall in a week, according to the projections of the Weather Service, which marks up to 50% probabilities for Monday 25, but the cold could increase soon, due to the polar vertex.

It was expected that in the middle of the week to start a storm will hit about 20 states, but snow accumulation has been less far-reaching, making it doubtful whether it will affect metropolitan areas, including Washington, D.C.

AccuWeather, However, it warns that the cold of the polar vertex could reach the 48 states, lowering the temperature between 10 and 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

“A sign of a disturbance in the vortex, a meteorological system hovering over the North Pole and containing some of the coldest air on Earth, will be a wave of cold air originating in Canada,” the report warns. “It will continue to spread from the Upper Midwest to the Northeast.”

The meteorologist AccuWeather, Paul Pastelok, He said the cold mass will not occur in the same period that was initially forecast a couple of weeks ago.

“It is expected that the major climatic changes that develop in the North Pacific Ocean during the next week allow very cold air to accumulate”, says the report.

“Once the cold air breaks into US soil, it will take some time for it to reach the eastern third of the nation,” he said. “(It is expected) that the Arctic air arrives during the weekend of January 23-24, with temperatures well below normal over a wide area.”

The impact on Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rodhe Island, and the city of Washington, D.C.


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