Michelle Renaud celebrates Danilo Carrera for his birthday with a romantic dinner | The State

Through social networks, the actress Michelle Raud shared photographs of the romantic dinner that he prepared for his partner, the actor Danilo Carrera, for his birthday.

“Happy Birthday my love!! Have a year full of blessings, work, success, health and lots of love !! And I am convinced that it will be so because, as you spend it in your day, you spend it in the year, and today was incredible !!wrote the soap opera star.

Michelle and Danilo, who share the leading role in the telenovela ‘Wanting It All’, made their courtship official in June 2019. However, the rumors of a possible relationship occurred earlier, just when they were recording ‘Daughters of the Moon’.

The chemistry between them was evident through the cameras. However, the actress was going through the divorce of Josué Alvarado, besides that he only had in mind to take care of his little son Matthew.

Now, the Ecuadorian and the Mexican do not hide their love, and show it off through their social networks where they share photographs of both and with Matthew, who has become inseparable with Danilo.

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