María Celeste Arrarás wins tournament and celebrates with her friends in tight skirts and leggings | The State

María Celeste Arrarás.

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

As if it were some girls of 20, Maria Celeste Arrarás, published a photo of her with three friends but one looked more beautiful and regal than the other. We already know that one of the journalist’s passions is to play tennis and, if it is in the company of her clan of ‘Comadres’, well, much better.

Who until now was in front of the cameras of Telemundo, “Red Hot”, she boasted of her body and that of her friends. All in impeccable white, the typical color of the sport, and the Cuban woman wearing light shorts raised the glass because she also won the tournament in which she entered.

There’s no doubt Maria Celeste He has focused his energies on his new projects and he felt little affected by the exit from the show that he carried for 22 years. She is a woman who has the ability to reinvent herself and be assured of success in everything she undertakes.

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