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Gillian Anderson 'upset as ex moves in with new girlfriend weeks after split'

Peter Morgan is reported to be romancing – and living with – socialite Jemima Khan just weeks after splitting from actress Gillian Anderson.

The Crown writer Peter, 57, had enjoyed a four year relationship with 52-year-old Gillian – with the pair announcing their split just last month.

But now reports have suggested that Peter has swiftly moved on with 46-year-old Jemima – much to the bemusement of X Files legend Gillian.

The Mail on Sunday reports that Peter and Jemima have been dating since the start of the year and “are already living together”.

Gillian Anderson and Peter Morgan announced their split last month after four years together

While Gillian – who played Margaret Thatcher in season 4 of the hit Netflix show The Crown, which Peter writes – is said to be “upset” about the fact her ex-boyfriend has moved on so quickly.

The publication reports a friend saying Gillian “has certainly raised an eyebrow or two at news of the romance.”

It is reported that Jemima and Peter have been friends for years.

While another friend close to the new couple said: “They have been seeing each other happily since the New Year.

Peter is now reportedly dating Jemima Khan – and the pair are said to be living together

“They are old friends and are now in what they call a legit support bubble.”

And another source stated: “There was a bit of a process before Gillian and Peter split but nevertheless, this has all happened very quick;y and has been quite a surprise.”

Mirror Online has contacted representatives of all three for comment.

Gillian and Peter’s split was reported last month as “amicable”.

The actress was previously married to an art director named Clyde Klotz between 1994 and 1997 and the pair welcomed a daughter named Piper in 1994.

She then married a documentary maker named Julian Ozanne in 2004, but they split in 2006.

Gillian is said to be ‘upset’ over the speed at which Peter moved on

Gillian has two other children with businessman Mark Griffiths who she dated between 2006 and 2012, while her romance with Peter began in 2016.

Peter himself was previously married to aristocrat Anna Carolina Schwarzenberg between 1997 and 2014 – and together they have five children.

Jemima was married to cricket star-turned politician Imran Khan between 1995 and 2004 and together they have two sons – and she has also been romantically linked in the past to Hugh Grant, Russell Brand and Matthew Freud.

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