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Federal charges against real estate agent who traveled by private jet for insurrection on Capitol Hill in Washington

The “Trumpistas” stormed the US Congress on January 6.

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Jennifer Ryan, the Texas real estate agent who took a private jet to Washington to participate in the assault on Capitol last week, she is the most recent indicted at the federal level for the events.

The one involved, who calls herself Jenna Ryan On social media, he described the January 6 attack, in which five people died, including a police officer from the compound, as “the best day” of his life.

He documented trip and assault on social media

Federal authorities alleged in court documents on Friday quoted by the Telemundo network that Ryan traveled with a group to Washington DC on January 5 and documented his two-day trip on social media.

In a video that was later removed, Ryan states: “We are going to arrive and storm the Capitol. They’re down there right now and that’s what we came to and that’s what we’re going to do. So wish me luck. “

In another recording from her Facebook page, the woman is seen with a group of Donald Trump supporters walking toward the building. “This is the prelude to the war that is about to happen,” he says.

Additionally, the defendant today broadcast live while breaking into federal facilities.

“Life or death, it doesn’t matter”

“Let’s go in here, damn it. Life or death doesn’t matter. Here we go, ”Ryan was quoted as saying.

Hours after the attack, the realtor wrote on Twitter that she had just stormed the Capitol.

“It was one of the best days of my life,” he wrote, as reported by the Hispanic network, citing court documents. In a photo that is part of the evidence against him, he is seen standing next to a broken window in Congress. In the caption, Ryan threatens to attack the news network studios for allegedly lying about the document.

Ryan faces charges of disorderly conduct on the Capitol grounds and of entering or remaining in the space knowing that access was restricted.

After her arrest, the defendant argued that she believed she was attending a peaceful march, but that it turned violent.

“I do not condone the violence that occurred,” the woman wrote. “And I am truly heartbroken for the people who have lost their lives. The hatred and violence of one another will not solve the problems of our country. As a nation, Republicans, Democrats and independents must come together and have an open and honest discussion about the problems of our country and solve our problems in peace. “


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