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Vaccines, between reasonable doubts and delirium | The State

Doubts about the new are reasonable, as is the uncertainty in the face of conflicting experiences. Not so the construction of conspiracy theories that unite lies and half-truths with fear. Explosive mix.

Without being a scientist or a doctor, my first reaction to discoveries and proposals is open-minded: listen, analyze the origin and weigh the pros and cons.

The ways of science have always been difficult. Great minds in history were persecuted – and some were burned – for spreading their findings. Today, fortunately, light precedes darkness, although we are faced with another dilemma: misinformation.

For example, vaccination against Covid-19 has unleashed all kinds of speculations, some based on the isolated facts, that every similar process entails, and others completely delusional.

After the publication on http://www.CalaBienestar.news of a guide with 24 fake news about vaccines, signed by doctors and experts, some say that I have joined the “globalist agenda to reduce the world population”. I’d laugh if it wasn’t something so serious.

They are the ones who insist that Covid-19 does not exist, that it is a plan of certain elites to dominate the world. The same deniers who describe the severe snowfall that recently affected Spain as “false”, because, in their opinion, it is “plastic” thrown from the sky (it is not known by whom) “to deceive us.” I’m not exaggerating. The news is in the newspapers.

What sources do they draw from? None worth saving. Faced with the proven knowledge of prestigious institutions, the same ones that have saved us from diseases and have increased life expectancy around the world, a group of “truth doctors” is cited, whose ideas have not been validated by any publication would.

Of course, if someone considers that the whole world is conspiring to affect them, take away their rights and impose a universal dictatorship, that fear will lead to permanent unhappiness. Of course, there are dangers out there, but be careful not to believe in “WhatsApp experts”, because we will end up doubting even our own shadow.

The issue is serious. Today we see eradicated diseases return, including measles, polio, diphtheria, rubella and smallpox, due to the stubbornness of anti-vaccine groups. It is worth commenting and differing. You have the power of choice in almost everything that happens to you.

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