Denied entry to a bar for being overweight | The State

Susana Ortiz is a 24-year-old girl, originally from Argentina and Is a model plus size. A few days ago, she traveled to a city in Costa with a group of friends to enjoy a well-deserved vacation but suffered a terrible act of discrimination.

It turns out that Susana and her friends went to a bar where she was denied entry, and everything seems to indicate that she was overweight.

According to the model, the bar’s security manager allowed her friends access and left her waiting at the entrance, arguing that there was no longer a place in the premises; however, other people did manage to access it.

“When I realized what was happening, I started crying and I got really bad,” he explained. “My friends had to leave the place, they were very angry about what they did to me.”

Ortiz indicated that he is also already thinking about taking legal action against this business.

“I am the first overweight model from Tucumán and I do not want to normalize being overweight, but I want to show that in this place someone was crossed out because their body is different from others. I don’t want the same thing to happen to anyone, whether it’s short, chubby, or homosexual. I don’t want it to happen to anyone because it’s a horrible situation, “he concluded.


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