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Under 16-year-old buries his newborn baby under snow and kills her with a shot in the head | The State

A 16-year-old teenager was charged in Wisconsin of killing his newborn daughter with a gunshot to the head just hours after seeing the light.

Logan Kruckenberg-Anderson He admitted that neither the mother of the little girl, also a teenager, nor he wanted to take care of the baby after the young woman gave birth on Tuesday of last week in a bathtub.

The criminal complaint cited by The New York Post indicates that the suspect buried the victim in the snow before shooting him in the head.

The boy initially told investigators that he had turned the girl over to a man he met on Snapchat who told him he would help him put her up for adoption.

But later, the alleged killer admitted that he put his daughter in a backpack shortly after birth, took her to a wooded and snowy area of ​​the town of Albany where he buried her without clothes in a small area inside a fallen tree and covered her of snow, except the head.

Court documents further indicate that the young man began to cry and suffered an emotional crisis while leaving the scene.

Kruckenberg-Anderson himself directed investigators to the crime scene after his arrest on Sunday.

The officers who examined the body identified a gunshot wound to the victim’s forehead, in addition to finding a
worn casing.

The couple did not want to have the baby “in their lives” and that is why the young man would have resorted to the atrocious decision.

It is unclear whether the mother will face criminal prosecution in relation to the events.

Kruckenberg-Anderson, who will be tried as an adult, was charged with first degree murder and concealment of a body.

The defendant remains detained on a bail of $ 1 million dollars and must attend a preliminary hearing on January 20.

If convicted in the case, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

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