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These are the most popular names for pets in the last decades | The State

When a pet comes home, one of the first things we should do is give it a name to our faithful companion animal.

Sometimes choosing the name of our pets is not an easy task, although We usually do it guided by their personality or, to a particular taste or we let ourselves be carried away by what is popular or what is fashionable.

This has caused that over time, there are very common names in dogs and cats, especially at certain times.

An online veterinary service called FirstVet recently ran a project to search for the most popular names for pets after visiting the Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in Westchester, New York, one of the largest such pantheons in the United States. United, since there rest about 80,000 pets.

The folks at First Vet toured various headstones and analyzed, decade by decade, what were the most common names among 25,000 animals over the past 115 years. What the researchers discovered was that, indeed, there were a significant number of distinctive names in a set period every ten years.

The most popular name for dogs, regardless of gender, throughout a century was Princess, while for cats it was Tiger.

Here we leave you the result of the investigation.

Most popular dog names by decade

1930s: Queenie

1940s: Tippy

1950s: Sandy

1960s: Lady

1970s: Brandy

1980s: Max

1990s: Max

2000s: Max

Most popular cat names by decade

1960s: Cindy

1970s: Ginger

1980s: Tiger

1990s: Smokey

2000s: Smokey


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