Demi Lovato will talk about her overdose in a new documentary | The State

Singer Demi lovato will release sooner rather than later a new documentary to express himself without censorship about the hard road, full of obstacles and ups and downs, that he has been following since his adolescence on account of his addictions, which were about to end his life in September 2018 with that overdose that shocked world public opinion.

The audiovisual piece will arrive on the platform Youtube on March 23, and completely free of charge, under the title ‘Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil’, a recording in which the ancient star Disney He will also talk about the high levels of stress and anxiety that he suffers as a public figure and, more specifically, as a result of the cruel and offensive comments he occasionally receives on social networks.

“There are so many things that I have wanted to say, but I had to wait to say them correctly. Thanks to my family, my friends and my fans for having been by my side during the last two years, in which I have learned a lot and I have matured at all levels. I am very excited to be able to tell that story that I had saved for so long “, has written the interpreter, who got engaged last year with the actor Max ehrich, from which he would separate a few weeks later, in his account Instagram.

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