Biden Targets $ 1,400 Check in New Coronavirus Stimulus Package | The State

President-elect Joe Biden will confirm Thursday that he will propose to send a check for $ 1,400 in a new stimulus package for the coronavirus pandemic.

The ride would add to the $ 600 that was shipped in the December package and with that it would reach $ 2,000 that Democratic lawmakers sought from the beginning.

Biden voiced support for paying $ 2,000 in December, but Democrats and Republicans were only able to agree to $ 600, in addition to extending unemployment benefits. At this time it is not clear if additional money will be awarded for dependents.

The new package Biden is proposing is for $ 1.9 trillion. $ 400 billion will be made available to efforts to energize a vaccination campaign, COVID testing, and reopening of schools.

A little more for unemployment

Biden will fully explain his plan by nightfall on Thursday. It was anticipated that it will propose $ 400 additional dollars to unemployment benefits.

The new package will go before a Congress with a Democratic majority in both houses, but Biden has warned that it will work with Republicans.

The president-elect wants to mobilize his agenda in the first 100 days of government in order to stop the pandemic and achieve a rebound in the economy.


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