Saguenay mother fights cancer and COVID-19

Fighting cancer is already a big challenge. Doing it in the midst of a pandemic and contracting COVID-19 is something else. This is the fight led by a mother from Saguenay.

Jessica Létourneau learned on March 9 that she had breast cancer. Within days of the first containment measures, the uncertainty was palpable. “The worst part is the wait. […] Do we have to take down my immune system? I was ready to fight, ”explains the mother.

Jessica underwent chemotherapy and then radiotherapy treatments. However, with only three treatments remaining, she tested positive for COVID-19. These treatments are then suspended.

“I found it more difficult than announcing my cancer because there was nothing I could do. It’s like a runner who comes to the end of his marathon and falls. Once again, it was uncertainty, because we didn’t know when it could resume. “

Jessica Létourneau nonetheless found certain inconsistencies in the public health discourse. “On December 26, I was able to go to Costco, but I had to wait for two negative tests before resuming my radiation treatments. This is my survival, this is not a tanning treatment. “

The treatments finally started again at the beginning of January. Today she feels good and wishes to deliver a message of caution. “I understand some don’t understand the impact, but we all know someone who needs the health care system. When I see someone reckless, it saddens me, because that’s how it came to my house. “

The next step is permanent breast reconstruction. Again, the date of the operation is unknown due to the pandemic. The wait continues.

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